Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, Inc. is a leading supplier of functional ingredients for the food, beverage and nutritional industries in North America as well as other global markets. Our strong
relationships with many of the world’s leading food and nutraceutical ingredient producers enables us
to offer you a breadth of new products, applications, and technologies. Whether your food technologists
need access to the latest performance ingredients for your ongoing production, or you need technical
information for a new product launch, Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients has the knowledge,
expertise and relationships to be your solutions provider.

The wide ranges of products we distribute are specifically designed to improve the taste, texture, and
functionality of food, beverage and nutritional products. In addition, many of our products are naturally
derived, thus serving consumer interest in taking control of their health by demanding more wholesome

We will work with you to tailor a range of services to the way you do business. With over thirty distribution
centers and decades of experience delivering product, service and flexibility, we can offer you world-class
efficiencies and logistics support.

Additionally, our status as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi International Corporation, adds
unprecedented reach to our sourcing abilities, a solid reputation you can bank on and the confidence
of dealing with a company that stands solidly behind the products it deals in. Mitsubishi International
Corporation adds value through international trade involving products and services across a range of
industry sectors. Among these are food ingredients, nutritional products. We work closely with our
customers to help you determine how to apply these products to achieve your business goals.

We look forward to supplying your ingredient needs from one of our strategically located warehouses.

Contact us for more information.